miércoles, 16 de mayo de 2012

It's time to rehearse

Well, less than a week for the 1st semifinal. It seemed to be so far, and now, here you are, just six days away. That's amazing! 
And as you know, in Eurovision everything must be controlled, and planned. All the contestants, from Finland to Greece, from Denmark to Sweeden, have been rehearsing all week, and here you are the results. For the moment, all performances are quite convincing, so for next 22, 24 and 26 May you'll have maybe the best Eurovision ever, with more than you ever imagine before. 
I would like to remark two performances because of its quality, and of course, between them is Denmark's one. Soluna does it perfect, so perfect. The same happens with lovely Donny Montell, representig Lithuania. His voice is sweet as the sunrise, and fragile as the glass. His eyes, on the other hand, simply blue as the clear sea. So here you are those fantastic performances. You have never seen something like that before!