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 Yesterday night, the stars above us were replaced by the very best of film world. The best directors, actors, actress, and produces from all over the world met in LA to celebrate the night of film with capital letters, and the most glamorous night you could imagine. Here, from Spain, we could see how everybody passed through the American red carpet, the most valuable of all red carpets, just on 24h, and the canal+ customers, by paying, could enjoy the whole ceremony from the Kodak Theatre, in Hollywood’s centre. Today, we offer you the most extensive review about the Oscars here, so don’t move and start reading!


                             Jennifer López on the Red Carpet
A red textile carpet, many advertisement panels about the Academy Awards, focuses, a thousand cameras, flashes everywhere, the best of fashion and the best of film worlds in a unique spectacular place. Does it sound enough good to you?

The Academy Awards are always like this. We could appreciate many changes from past editions: more black dresses, more Armani suits and daring dresses in green, such as Viola Davis one, which astonished everybody, above all because of her new hairstyle. We could see also Antonio Banderas with Melanie Griffin,
                                 Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffin on the Red Carpet
 an amazing George Clooney with his new girlfriend, and a impressive Michel Hazanavicius, maybe prepared to take an Oscar? Meryl Streep dressed a fantastic golden dress, quite suitable according to her personality. The Iron Lady became, in this case, the ‘Gold’ Lady, and not just because of her amazing dress.
                                                Meryl Streep on the very Red Carpet
 All men dressed a black and sleek suit, with a black bow tie and a pair of black shoes. Some men decide to wear a tie, black too (though we could see other colors). 
                                   The Spanish composer Alberto Iglesias on the Red Carpet
But it was Borat’s main actor who brought the controversy to the 84th Academy Awards. He appeared on the red carpet dressed as a dictator (we guess he wanted just to promote his new film) and spread on the carpet the ashes of a deceased (we don’t know whose were the ashes, but he did it for real). 
                                                            The controversy was served
Apart from that, the red carpet was a great example of how America’s best film show looks like.
                                                         Penélope Cruz on the Red Carpet

The 84th Academy Awards were simply fantastic. The ceremony was spectacular, and the academics chose the best films. But if there was a king, it was ‘The Artist’. For twice in the Oscars history, a silent and grayscale movie won the prize to the best film. Its director, the always great Michel Hazanavicius, received the Oscar to the best director, according to his amazing work on the French film already mentioned.
                                              Michel Hazanavicius with his Oscar on his hand
 The same happened to its main character, DuJardin, who won the Oscar to the best actor, instead of George Clooney (until that moment, the successful American actor was the complete favourite) according to his work on ‘The Artist’.
                                                          Dujardin on the Red Carpet
 The Oscar to the best Actress was a really exciting competition between, on the one hand, Meryl Streep, ‘The Iron Lady’, and the great Viola Davis, who played her role on the film ‘The Help’. Finally, the Oscar went to Meryl Streep in recognizement to his master performance as the British Prime Minster Margareth Thatcher.
                                                         Meryl Streep reciving her Oscar
 We have to highlight the other actors and actress nominees, as, for example, Michelle Williams (A Week With Marylin) or George Clooney (The Descendants). 
                                                    George Clooney on the Red Carpet
The Oscar to the best secondary actor was to the 82 aged actor Chritopher plummer, and the female awarded in the respective category was Octavia Spencer in recognizement to her role on the film ‘The Help’. 

                                                           Viola Davis on the Red Carpet
Many critics considerated that Hugo was a film good enough to gather some Oscars, but it wasn’t at all like this. The true winner, without any doubt, was ‘The Artist’. We congratulate every artist on the ceremony, and though we couldn’t see any Spanish artist receiving a prize, we enjoy the magic of film for just one unforgettable night.
                            Hazanavicius with one of the actresses on 'The Artist', on the Red Carpet
                                                     Penélope Cruz on the Red Carpet
                                          Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt on the Red Carpet
                                                  Jessica Castain on the Red Carpet
 We’ll see you next year on the 85th Academy Awards, have a good film year!

Here you are the trailers from the most awarded films, and the best at quality, in our opinion.

                                                                       The Artist
                                                                       The Iron Lady 
                                                                            The Help 

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