domingo, 12 de febrero de 2012

Melodifestivalen 2012. We've got some qualifiers.

Last night, SVT, national Swedish broadcast, offerred one of the semifinals, held in Göteborg. Today, we're going to show the results. Only two from the singers who invaded the stage yesterday night have qualified for the final, to be hel, as we supose, in Stockholm. They are David Lindgren and Ulrik Munther. Their respectives performances were indeed the best during the Melodifestivalen night, but we have to highlitght that the Swedish female grouo Timoteij did it enough good to pass the semifinals and get a ticket to the great final. We know it's not the first time they dedice to entry the Melodifestivalen, but as nature says, only the best is able to survive, and the best last night were Ulrik and Mr. Lindgren (this last one was my favourite, singing the awesome song Shout It Out, my favourite to represent Sweden in Baku). Here you are the songs: the already mentioned 'Shout It Out' and 'Soldiers' from Ulrik Munther' :)
Another song I enjoyed too much last night from Göteborg was this one 'I Din Himmel', which meaning is 'In Your Heaven', performed by Sonja Aldén. So beautiful and nostalgic, and even magic.
Some pictures from the 2th Semifinal held in the Scandinavian (Göteborg).

We'll meet again 10th March on the Final, until that moment! :)

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  1. No está Eric, así que no me interesa... hahaha no, es broma, está super currada(:

  2. muchas gracias, desde que ví la actuación de Mr. Lindregn fue *-* ...además Ulrik lo hizo realmente genial(: