sábado, 25 de febrero de 2012

The Power of Love

Haven't you ever felt like a nightingale when falling in love? Haven't you ever felt like a cold tombstone when love has reached its end? Haven't you done whatever you could do to keep it alive and far from the storm? Haven't you ever thought it would last always and forever? Haven't you ever wonder why love turned off as a dull candle? Haven't you ever felt that you meant nothing without the one you were in love with? Haven't you ever told yourself that you had to carry on, that looking back wasn't at all nice? Haven't you ever known that a sweet smile would cure all the times you were far apart? Haven't you ever thought that life without love couldn't be considerate a good life? Haven't you ever trust anyone but you, just because you thought love couldn't be shared, and no one could help you? Haven't you ever notice that your steps were footprints on the sand who dissappeared with the sea waves? Haven't you ever realised that, one day, you got up and, when you looked into the mirror, you just saw just a poor soul who'll never find love? Love isn't reasonable, and has no logical explanation. Trying to make sure you're not going to fall to the ground is unreasonable, just for once. Love hurts, love is hard, but nothing is stronger but the power of love.

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