jueves, 9 de febrero de 2012

Good night Spain, Good morning USA

Yesterday, my High School finally published the 2012 Exhange draft. About twenty people from ESO 4 and College level 1 have been selected, and among them there's someone I'm so proud about: me. When I noticed I was in the draft, I screamed as loud as I could (I guess I screamed too much, enough to make everybody look at me) and jump, while I was celebrating the great achievement. I think I deserved it too much, I use to be hard-working and I use to have a good behaviour. Now I can say I got what I was treating to reach, I'm so satisfied about that. With me, I found out many names that were known to me (Noelia, Inma, Alex, Pedro, Jose Antonio, Clara, Raquel, Ana, Paula, Mario, another Paula,...). I feel so glad about them too, they deserve the same. I think we all are going to have a good time in the USA in September, we have worked hard to get it, and I considerate this reward as the best one. I was, I am, and I will be in love with these great and awesome United States of America.

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