domingo, 26 de febrero de 2012

Melodifestivalen 2012: Lisa & Danny became Queen & King.

Yesterday night, at 8 pm, SVT offered the Melodifestivalen semifinal number four to the whole world. Good singers, good music, an amazing show and much more. A perfect way to have fun a Saturday’s eve. But this semifinal was a bit special from others: Charlotte Perrelli, the singer who won Eurovision in 1999 with the song ‘Take Me To Your Heaven’ came back to the Sweden’s first music show on TV. 

A overall of eight songs fought to win a pass for the 10th March final, to be held in Stockholm (we guess in the Globen, as always SVT does, but we can give any information for sure). As I said, Charlotte Perrelli opened the semifinal with her song ‘The Girl’, which sounded so good inside the Malmö Arena, with a perfect and synchronized choreography. But the best performances along the contest semifinal were three, in my opinion, the following ones:
-Goosebumps, by Hanna Lindblad.
Hanna’s performance looked great and powerful. The artist took the stage and did whatever she wanted to do, but with perfection. Unfortunately, it was not her night, and she could not get the pass to the final.

-Amazing, by Danny Saucedo.
It was maybe the best dance performance on forth semifinal, and on the whole Melodifestivalen. Danny did his best during his performing, and with a talented choreography, get the audience inside his pocket. Finally, he got the pass he needed, with a clear difference.

-Why Start A Fire, by Lisa Miskovsky
In my opinion, this country-pop ballad was the best. Lisa’s voice looked beautiful and stronger, and never broke up during her performance. White sheets flying to the music completed this spectacular performance. Lisa showed also the way she plays the guitar (she could be the next Anna Bergendahl) and how a young girl can pass the final without suffering at all. Her performance was worthy, and the pass, golden and sweet. Congrats Lisa, it’s time for you to make history!

I see you next Saturday on the Second Chance show (Andra Chansen). Timoteij are going to perform for twice, do you think they’ll get the pass to the final? Have you all a nice week! 
Here you are some pictures from the 4th semifinal:

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