martes, 28 de febrero de 2012

The Magic of Disney Girls

Alexander Rybak has been always amazing, as an actor and as a person. But apart from all that, he really has something specail from other singers. Not playing a violin as he does, or a piano. I think that 'something' is his voice. I never imagined that a boy could sing so high, could sing so blue. Since I heard for the first time about him, my attention has grown up periodically, as I have listened some in more about him. Now, that I know alomst everything about my great idol, I wouldn't know what to say to describe how he is.
This time, I have chosen a very special song called Disney Girl. As always as all them, as beautiful as a night dream. As clear as the moonlight, as blue as a tear. As magic as a fairy. If the nightingale who sings in front of you was human, he would be Alexander, because no one can sing as sweet and dull as he does. A dream where I can feel I'm flying, I dream about semothing I lost, and Alex brought me back. That's Alexander's miracle, and that's his amazing song. Enjoy.

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