domingo, 26 de febrero de 2012

PaultiiWorld is the most remarkable creation from Pablo Rico Pinazo. Here, he shows how he sees the world, from every point of view: music, film, photography, art, life,... and much more. If it's hard for you to find yourself, and need some time to think about you, this is your place. If you are boring and you don't know what to do, this is your place. If you love music, and need to listen a bit more to feel good, this is your place. If you are a film lover and don't know what to watch tonight, this is your place. If you look for something interesting, but you don't find out anything, this is your place. For this, and much more, come in and enjoy!

Here you are the sections. A few steps to take control over this amazing blog.

PaultiiMusic is your section if you really love music. Here you can find out the finest musical quality, the most viewed TV shows about music and the best singers, composers, songs, and music videos. Put your earphones on and start listening.

Dear film love, paultiiFilm was the section you were looking for. The most critic review about author films, the lightest review about film festivals and awards. Does it sound enough good to you?

PaultiiArt is you section if you care about art. Paints and paintres, the brightest art pieces from all ever the world and the most genuine art contests and meeting all over the world. Are you ready to feel it?

PaultiiPhoto is your section if you're a photographer or if you simply love photography. Here you are the latest (and not so latest) pictures taken by Pablo Rico's camera. Can you see something more?

PaultiiLife is your place, dear life quotes lover. The greatest quotest and the most reflexive texts about what is life going to do with me and you. Have you ever imagined that it would be so near from you?

If you love to be on, PaultiiOnair is your place. The lastest news about the largest events all over the world. We don't want to talk about politics, or tell why is that wrong. We just want to put you on!

You love music, film, TV... and periodicity too? PaultiiSeries is your place. A full-ranged place of homemade series to show you about what's up and what to do. Really excited?

It has been all. Then you're quite able to sail through this glod freely. We wish you a good experience!

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