martes, 28 de febrero de 2012

Let Me Be Myself

Why have I to say that I feel fine when truly, deep inside, I'm melting down? I have walked so much that I guess I have forgotten who  I am. I should be proud of being who I am, far apart from what they see when they look at me. But I don't know for sure if you were maybe the most valuable thing I had, or if it wasn't you. Now, does it really mind? I know you deserve to be in love with someone better than me (or at least not as me), but believe me, I did it as good as I could. If I broke some promises, I'm sorry, it was me, but don't be so because of me. A whole life can't be mended easily, but I wish you the best. Now, I have to go, don't know for how long, but one day I'll come back from wherever I was and I'll find they way to say it was worthy.

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