lunes, 27 de febrero de 2012

A Walk In Rewind: My Heart is Yours

In 2010, and after winning the 54th Eurovision, celebrated in Moscow, Norway had to host the 55th edition. The responsability was something they had to value. A simple song couldn't be worth after all that hard work, the MGP would be fantastic and valuable in either point of view. And the results were quite good. A great singer, Didrik Solli-Tangen, handsome and very skilled to sing either song, was selected to represent Norway in Oslo, on the stage.

The song you're about to listen is so powerful and special. No one but Didrik would be able to sing it as he did. No one but him could have done it better than he did. The beginning, which is so dull and genuine, grows up slowly, until the spectacular voice from the Norwegian singer fills up with fine melodies the whole arena. The red curtains behind him, the four singers choir, melodious and professional, and finally, himself, brought to Eurovision what we couldn't see in many years. It was really special. Pay attention. How many minuted does he extend before ending up the song? Amazing.

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