sábado, 25 de febrero de 2012

Abandoned. Just for a while.

The piano sounds, but not strong, but slowly and sweet. The blue breeze from Alexander's velvet voice reaches you heart and fills you up with a nostalgic feeling you can't understand. Let the song go on, let the voice flood your senses, let the wind blow into you. Now the beats from a beaten drum come to you, but as before, not strong, but patiently. Your hands tremble and your face colapsed by tears. The blue comes to you, somehow you can't explain. Alexander has captured you, well said, his amazing voice. This song is the perfect example of how Alexander can reach the highest notes, and sing with passion, but blue, too. The keys from the keyboard haven't stop from moving, the music hasn't stop from sounding, and Alex's voice still filling your mind. Now, you close your eyes slowly and embrace the melody, and dance with it until it reaches its end. Then everything is silent, and there's nothing rounding you. You've been abandoned, and captured by the magic.

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