domingo, 19 de febrero de 2012

Melodifestivalen 2012: Two more qualifiers!

 Good music, excelent artists, a colorful and huge stage, emotion. Don't you know what am I talking about?
Of course, I'm talking about the Melodifestivalen Third Semifinal, which took place yesterday night, at 8 pm. Once more, Swedish broadcasting company, SVT, offered to Europe and the whole world the most popular and professional Scandinavian music show, live from the Scandinavian, the most famous auditorium in Göteborg.
The show was so amazing and colorful, and obviusly, spectacular. Melodifestivalen is always like this. But there was a girl who captured the audience's hearts during her perfect performance. It was Molly Sandén, a young girl whose name is already well-know all around Europe. The song she performed was titled 'Why Am I Crying', a magical ballad that got one of the two passes to the final, which will be offered by SVT next 10th March. Molly's powerful and unbreakable voice filled up the Swedish hall with all its strength, and showed the audience that she deserves so much to represent Sweden in Baku. I know it's too much soon to make sure she's going to win the Melodifestivalen (it would be a great challenge), but one thing is so, so clear: she's gonna do her best at the final. Yesterday she was simply the best. Apart from Molly, they were Björn and Sara who got the second pass to go to Stockholm next 10th March.

I've got to say that, apart from molly's performance, my favourite one was 'I Mina Drömmar', which meaning in english is 'In My Dreams'. During this awesome performance, a perfect scenography and hundreds of candleholders invaded the stage. Maria BenHajii, the singer who performed this amazing song, played the piano quite well while singing. Her sweet and velvet voice sounded blue and dull, but bright at the same time, rounded by a thousand candles that lit up the majestic Scandinavian. I could not stop from crying after her awesome performing, so cute.
 Love Generation's performing was so exciting too. They sang so good yesterday, they did it very well, as they use to do. The song title was Just I Little Bit, and the whole Scandinavian exploded during this amazing and spectacular performance.

Once more, I get excited before forth semifinal, to be held next Saturday at 8 pm, only on SVT. Good luck to everybody, and congratulations Molly, yesterday you did your best! I'm coming back next Sunday to show you what happened during the forth semifinal, have you all a nice week! :)
-Some pictures from the third semifinal:

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