domingo, 5 de febrero de 2012

Let winter leave

It's february. Patiently, dear winter leaves with strength. In less than two months, spring will be here, again, to bring us the peace and the sun, the clearness and the powerful sunbeams. However, we'll miss our dear friend, the one who came long ago to bless us with the coldest kiss. The ice from mountains will melt, the snowflakes will dissappear, the magic boreal sun will let the spring come easily, but I swear we'll miss what winter means, not the cold, not the ice, not the freeze, but the magic it brought to us, we will miss until it come back again. We've only to say goodbye, not with tears, just with a ful smile. We will be the same, if it's warm or cold, but we won't think or feel the same. It'll be nostalgic, and reassuring. Now it's time to let winter go, and let spring come :)

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