domingo, 26 de febrero de 2012

A Lego House built by Ed Sheeran

Everyday, the wold see with expectation how a new star is born, but in most of cases, the world go on moving. But not when Ed Sheeran appeared for the very first time. It was special from others. A seventeenth February 1991, the whole world saw how a new songstar was born in Halifax England. From his born date until today, the young Ed has been raised up as one of the most seelling, succesful and great singers on the British music scene, and in the worldwide music scene too.
In 2005, Ed released his EP, called Orange Room, but it was when he released in 2011 his album 'Plus' (or simply '+') when he reached a worlwide succes that no one could anticipate. And that's quite true that Ed is so different from other singers, and not just because of her red hair, I'm talking about much more differences, for example his style whlie singing (so lively and dull at the same time) and his powerful voice.

I'd better said that every song from him is special and enough great as all them. But if I have to choose, I take 'Lego House' and 'The A Team'. Both song show a good quality and an amazing music video. The first one talks about how fragile does life looks, such as a lego house (that's a good reason to choose that title), and it's starr by Rupert Grint (this fact can spread a bit of confusion, it's Ed who sings, though Rupert plays so good) and the second one is as special as the first, but in this case talks about homeless people. The music video was filmed in Candem Town, next to a Marks&Spencer. I love specially this song because reminds me about the time I spent with my family in London, and in Candem. 

A reflexion about Ed? Everyday is a new day, and everyday, grey or blue, can born a star. A think Ed is already a star, and he's going to grow up and be the best, I could certifcate it for sure. But for the moment, we can enjoy what he does. Pay attention!

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